‘EEF’ stands for Emerald Education Foundation which was established in 2015 with the aim of exploring education across the globe and to try to bridge the gap in the field of education by providing real information, consultation services and student placement in the country students wish to start their career.

The service of ‘EEF’ is to provide career counseling to students regarding Study Abroad, English Proficiency Courses, Test Preparation e.g. SAT, GRE, GMAT etc. At the same time 'EEF' also place prospective candidates in the best selected colleges in related fields in Nepal.

‘EEF’ is an authorized education consultant licensed by the Ministry of Education, Nepal. Similarly, ‘EEF’ has received authorization certificates from various national and international organizations for running different education programs across the globe.

‘EEF’ do not charge students for any of our services like counseling, visa documentation, or pre-departure information etc. except for Norway and Germany.

Yes, we do have direct relations with more than two dozen international universities and colleges for providing abroad study education. Also, we have direct links with National Institutions and Universities for those students who are interested to pursue an academic degree in Nepal.

It is students decision about where to go but before making a decision student’s must consider some important things, like country selection, university/college choice, the courses they are going to study, admission requirements and deadline, cost and tuition fees etc.

It depends upon the candidate’s academic performance, and other skills such as musical or sporting talents to get scholarship titled as full or partial.

It is based on each country and Universities/Colleges plans or policies. But we recommend students to be prepared at least 6 months before the intake so that everything will be ready on time.

We place you as per your choices not by our coercion but by your interest. We provide consultation and satisfy you by providing the best suggestion for placement at any university across the globe.

Yes, we help even if you have already obtained a visa. We can help you further for other things that remain to do before you departure from Nepal.

Yes, we will help with all the processing from the beginning to the end without any fees.

Our wish is to make a students journey for study abroad more comfortable and affordable. So, we try to place students at public universities initially along with other private universities whose cost compared with others is quite low and affordable.

‘EEF’ help students from different perspective like involving young people in social movements, empowering women in the work place, building a strong bond among education providers and assisting students through self-learning mechanisms so that core value of acquiring education look forward to future integration and networking.


‘EEF’ is different in terms of its services and unique bonding with its association members. ‘EEF’ not only work with abroad study but are always concerned with helping those that feel counseling is needed and vital to boost up their career. So, of course we are closer with the way we deliver our services and quite distinguish ourselves from other consultants.

Currently, we are located in Chakrapath, Maharjgunj.

No, we are not the best. If you see, there are a lot of other alternatives too. Because we were established in 2015, we may not be perfect but we are going to improve every day and our courses will always be updated to a better one.