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Foundation Year

Foundation year basically means an extra year at the beginning of a university course. Because of a foundation year, students who aren't fully prepared to study for a full degree can take time to prepare and explore.

Who is a  foundation year for?

The possible situations in which you might be able to study a foundation year are as follows:

  • A foundation year helps to  bridge the gap when you don't have enough grades to join a standard degree course straight or the right qualifications to go on to an undergraduate degree program.
  • You might need to take a foundation year if you haven’t been in education for a while and you might feel the need for a refresher before taking on a full university course.
  • You can also take this foundation year if you are unsure whether this is the right university for you, so you can take time to explore and understand if this is the right uni for you before committing to the full degree.

Various Universities provide you the entry requirements for courses with or without the foundation year where you can choose if you want to study that foundation year or not.