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Master's Degree

A Master’s Degree is also referred to as a graduate degree. Pursuing a Master’s Degree is a way to specialize in a particular area of study and usually requires one or two additional years of school. The most prevalent degree titles include the M.A. or Master of Arts, M.B.A. or Master of Business Administration and M.S. or Master of Science. The Master’s Degree will be of Minimum 60 ECTS to 120 ECTS in Europe.


Business Management, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Architecture ,Cognitive Neuroscience, Computer Science, Data Science, Development & International Cooperation, Economics, Fashion Science, Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, Hotel Management, Computer Engineering, IT, Agri Business, Fashion Design, Fashion Management, Brand Design and Food, Sustainable Cities, Digital Culture, Information Design, Sustainable Innovation, Management Engineering, Health Sciences, Nursing, Child Care, International Business, Tourism, Psychology, Environmental Science, Public Health