Finland is situated in northern Europe and neighbours Sweden, Norway and Russia. It is a member of the European Union where it represents both Nordic democracy and way of living. Equality in wealth is a key-driver in our society. We always look for a practical solution, turning potential setbacks into steps forward. Finns are strong believers in equality and education. Our higher education system is one of the best in the world with great international connections, low hierarchies, and academic freedom. Studying in Finland is not just about the studies. It is a chance to make friends, build networks, and experience something new. Finland is a safe country where things work and nature is always close by. English is our third, unofficial language. Finland is looking for thinkers with a mind of their own. If you want to stand out, don’t do what everyone else does. Instead, improve your potential and prospects:

Choose Finland To

• Live in the most peaceful and sustainable country in the world (Fragile States Index 2016)
• Study in the best higher education and training system in the world (World Economic Forum 2015)
• Live in the healthiest ecosystem in the world (Environmental Performance Index 2016)
• Breathe the third cleanest air in the world (World Health Organisation 2016)
• Improve your skills in the most innovative country in the world (World Economic Forum 2015)

Why Study in Finland?

• Higher education institutions are highly autonomous, but largely funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
• Scandinavian European country with Schengen visa
• Globally recognized education & quality education
• React to the needs of the society, and business and industry in their curricula and teaching
• Provide a wide range of high-quality programmes in English for exchange and degree students at all levels of education
• Give their students transferable skills on which they can build their future in academic fields and in the job market.
• The high standard of different facilities provided by Finland and especially higher education institutions is frequently commended by international students.
• In Finland all students have the right to use the institutions’ libraries freely with a library card. As well as well stocked libraries, all higher education institutions provide their students free access to the internet.
• Well-equipped laboratories and e Learning platforms play also an important role in education. The buildings are modern and functional, and during cold winter days they are also very well heated.

Who Can apply for Master Degree Courses in English?

• Bachelor’s Degree Completed student having 2nd Division marks
• IELTS- 6.0 to 6.5 Minimum

Who can apply for Bachelor Degree Courses in English?

• 12th Completed student having 2nd Division marks
• IELTS- 6.0 Minimum
• Good Score in Entrance exam

Cost to study in Finland

Student need to cover their living expenses while studying in Finland. For that normally student need to take 6000 Euro along with them and they can use it as living cost and food. This amount only has to show after getting admission letter for the visa purpose only.