Franchisee With Us

Franchisee With Us

EEF try to explore its services across Nepal for providing better services among student who are willing to study abroad. We are working with giant global education provider including university whose ranking comes under 100 among in all. Similarly, we have number qualified team to manage franchisee at your door step.
We have divided franchisee into three different modules i.e

(i) Exclusive Franchisee

(ii) Partial Franchisee

(iii) Participatory Franchisee

Exclusive franchisee must have managed well furnished office at prime location with companies pre-defined criteria and provide services exclusively under the concept of EEF. Partial franchisee can avail services along with their own core education practice. They need not to keep separate offices for EEF but must be provided department separately. Participatory franchisee working under core supervision of EEF team and provide referral key to activate their service, they need not to open any outlet for office spaces but can go with this company as an individual referral keys

Why to Franchisee with us?

The worldwide acceptance franchisee module has been achieving success since last few years as its importance increased globally. So, having franchisee with EEF is always an important part for every interested national or non national citizen running under its framework. As we are growing industry and having a lots program not only in abroad study but also for other education services. Similarly, we have qualified team who already pass out MBA from Europe, USA, Canada and Australia holding a decade of experience regarding an exploration of new invent module of franchisee concept. This will grow your company rapidly and always provide best services among student of Nepal. We should guide you at every step getting started from information to departure especially in abroad study program similarly at other area of education. We never make delay in delivering services accurately so our main focus is to build a strong bonding relationship in business for our future generation.

Service offered to Franchisee Partner

Visa Assistance
Timely services
Pre-departure guideline
Multiple country option
Skype training sessions
Knowledge sharing meets
On-time commission payments
University selection assistance
Admission and application assistance
Regular updates through associates

What would be expected from franchisee?

Counseling: the designate franchisee would be required to attend all calls and inquiries that may be generated. This would include inviting the student and their parents to office for personal counseling. The franchisee would suggest the student various universities being represented by EEF for different countries and help them in making decision.

Admission Process:

on successful enrollment of the student, the franchise would ensure that entire documents that are specified are collected from the student. All such documents along with the application form for the respective university in the specified country for admissions has to be scanned/couriered by the franchisee to head office at Naxal, Kathmandu for processing of same with the university.

Representing EEF in the designated territory:

The Franchisee is expected to represent Emerald Education Foundation (EEF) in the territory designated. The franchisee would be required to keep head office updates as soon as possible and deliver valuable services among student in time.